Pleasanton roofing contractors

Whether you noticed a small leak, or you just bought a new home and you want to find out what the extent of the damage is and how much you need to invest in order to fix it properly, paying for a roof inspection can be extremely handy. It will allow you to know all about your roof, and provide you with valuable information on how much (if anything) the repairs will cost.

The first thing you have to do in order to go through the process smoothly is to research one of your most reputable and dependable Pleasanton roofing firms. They should be licensed and insured when it comes to dealing with residential roofing problems, and they should also be able to provide you with information on past projects they’ve handled.


Once you contact them, ask them to provide you with a roof inspection, then prepare for their arrival. You should make sure that access to the roof and to your attic is unrestricted, and that someone is home to meet them and show them around.

After they make their inspection, they will likely talk to you about the damage they found or the problems they’ve encountered. If your roof is new, most issues can be solved with basic maintenance, but a few fixes might also be required. So make sure you listen carefully and ask them for a written estimate, if that’s the case. You can accept or reject it later, after you did your research on the problem and got a second opinion from a different roofer as well.