San Jose roofers

The Diamond Certificate is a document that only the providers of the highest quality obtain after they undergo rigorous checking and they are evaluated based on very strict criteria pertaining to helpfulness, expertise and customer satisfaction. Here is a roofing company can get Diamond certified:

  • Submitting the application – the rating process starts after the roofing company submits their application;
  • The sampling process – after the application is received by the certifying body, a sample of past customers is collected from the applicant’s data base and the surveying process starts by contacting the past customers on the sample list;
  • The surveying process – the answers received from the interviewed customers are evaluated and the applicant’s score of customer satisfaction is determined;
  • Other verifications – the evaluation process is also extended to the applicant’s insurances and other credentials, checking and evaluating the required documents. The applicant’s work processes are also checked in terms of customer-friendliness;
  • The commitment – if the applicant obtains the required (very high) score required for passing, they agree to adhere to the assessing body’s customer satisfaction principles and it is awarded the Diamond Certified status;
  • Further monitoring – having obtained the status is not the end of the road, certified companies are continuously monitored and they can keep their status only if they maintain the high quality level of their services.

San Jose roofers at Los Gatos Roofing, have earned the distinctive Diamond Certified Award. You can count on their excellent roofing services and trusted experienced customer service.