Skylight leaks are not often mentioned as not many homes actually have a skylight. In many cases, leaks are primarily associated with damaged shingles and flashing. However, sometimes the skylight is the culprit as well, and the leak can lead to serious water damage in your attic, or even affecting the interior structure of your roof and reducing its overall lifespan.

If you already have a skylight leak, make sure that you use proper safety precautions and get on top of your roof to check for cracks and an improperly closed skylight (that you can’t actually shut). In case you actually discover a fault with your skylight, the best approach is to call a professional San Mateo roofing skylight expert to fix it.

 San Mateo roofing skylight repair

That being said, you can also do some things to ensure your skylight will be less likely to leak. Proper maintenance is one thing, and you can also check for debris as well as growing branches that might hit against the skylight. Remove anything that could cause a serious impact.

Also, in the case of some skylights, leaks can be produced through condensation. So make sure that your roof’s ventilation and insulation is up to par with required standards. That way, not only will you prevent condensation from becoming a problem, but you can also prevent the heat and humidity from warping elements of the skylight over time and impairing its overall structural integrity.