In any building and in any geographic area, insulation is the building component used for preventing temperature fluctuations inside the building, for protecting the interior not only against the cold coming from outside, but against the heat as well.

In areas like California that get not only hot weather, but also wide temperature fluctuations during the course of the same day, having San Jose roofers install insulation of the right type and thickness is the best way to keep cooling bills at bay and to make sure that homes stay comfortably cool even when the temperature outside is really high.

heat loss detection

Insulation is any Californian homeowner’s number one ally when it comes to thermal balance – the thick blanket of mineral wool or other insulating material spread underneath the roof, usually on the floor of the attic, keeps the heat in outside when the weather gets scorching and it also keeps the temperature in your rooms comfortably warm when temperatures drop in the evenings or during the few chilly days of the year. Insulation that is made from the right material, is sufficiently thick and installed properly can cut your energy bills by a staggering 40% compared to the bills paid by the owner of an uninsulated home of the same size as yours, so if you live in California, thermal insulation is a must for energy-efficient living.

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