San Jose roofing company

Installing residential flat roofs in California requires a specific process that roofing companies follow. San Jose roofing companies are very particular about even the most general steps involved in installing a residential flat roof, and they will not fail to let you know about that.

First, the existing roof is thoroughly inspected in order to assess its condition and identify any areas of concern. This will help determine if any repairs or modifications are necessary before the new roof can be installed. Once that process is completed, your experts will work on adapting and preparing the space for the new roof. This process may be extensive, if you opted to install a flat roof after owning a sloped roofing system.

The next step is to prepare the roof for installation. This may involve removing the existing roof, repairing or reinforcing the underlying structure, and installing any necessary insulation.

Once your new roof has been prepared, a factory trained and certified San Jose roofing company will install a waterproof membrane to protect the roof from water damage. This may include a variety of materials, such as modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, or PVC.

Instead of the complex flashing installation involved with sloped roofs, flashing will only be set up around the edges of the roof, as well as around any penetrations, such as vents, pipes, or HVAC equipment.

Lastly, the roofers will apply a sealant to any seams or gaps to ensure that the roof is completely waterproof. They will complete the project with a finishing layer, such as a reflective coating or a layer of gravel, to protect the roof from UV damage and extend its lifespan.