San Mateo roofing

Wildfires are very serious threats in California, including the San Mateo area as well. This particular local feature is the reason why local requirements regarding the fire resistance of building materials is a lot different in the state from the requirements in areas where the threat does not exist. If you are currently in the process of getting a new roof on your building, fire resistance is surely one of the features that should be on your mind. here is how a top rated San Mateo roofing company will approach the issue:

  • An outline of your options – the market of roofing materials today offers you several great options for a fire resistant roof. You can either choose materials that are fire resistant on their own right, such as metal or clay, or you can choose the fire resistant versions of materials that are not fire resistant upfront, such as shingles treated with fire resistant coatings. Your roofer will tell you exactly what the pros and cons of each solution are and will help you pick the best option;
  • Knowledge of local building codes – your roofer will be familiar with the requirements in the local building codes and will provide you advice regarding the best choice in those terms as well.