roofing styles

Are you looking for a fashionable new roof in California? If you just moved to the area, you’ll find there are a lot of different styles and materials you can consider. The following are just a few simple tips on which of these you should consider selecting based on the aesthetic appeal and popularity:

  • Asphalt shingles are the most common and cheapest roofing types used in California. Asphalt is easy to install, and it lasts a decent 20 years, if set up and maintained correctly. Although it can’t compete with most other roofs in terms of durability, asphalt shingles can still be quite stylish.
  • When it comes to style in California, wood shakes and shingles are the ultimate roofing products you can consider. These roofing materials will make your home look like a genuine masterpiece, and the diverse colors and design options you can consider are truly inspiring, allowing you a great degree of freedom when it comes to selecting your new roof.
  • Natural slate and concrete tiles are also very popular in California, especially when it comes to Southern California homes. Here you can expect the more expensive homes to be adorned with high quality slate tiles, while concrete is reserved for homeowners who need a solid but lower cost solution.

Roofing can be fun in California because of the many options you can consider. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s important to find reliable San Jose roofing contractors and compare prices in order to narrow down your choices as much as possible.