Los Gatos

Roofing shingles come in a very wide range of colors, textures and shapes and they are varied in terms of quality levels as well. The immense variety of options surely makes the task of choosing the best shingles for your building difficult, so here are a few tips from expert roofers, like those found at Los Gatos, to help you:

  • The price point – as a general rule, the more expensive the shingle, the higher the quality. The most affordable varieties are simple shingles, consisting of a base, a mineral mat in the middle and granules for weather protection on the top, followed in line by architectural shingles that are more durable and more resistant than simple shingles and with impact-resistant and special, wind-resistant shingles at the top of the range;
  • The design – the best shingles for your applications are the ones that match your home’s overall design. Shingles come in many different shapes and sizes and you will also find a wide range of colors available, too. If you need a special color that you don’t seem to find anywhere, you can pick your manufacturer and contact them to request the custom color – many producers are willing to execute such special requests;
  • Your climate area – the weather conditions in your area should also influence the type of shingles that work best for you. If your region is frequently affected by storms or hail, the best choice is a roof covered in impact-resistant shingles.