Leaving in an area prone to stormy weather requires some special precautions when it comes to roof maintenance.

Roof repair San Jose roofing contractors recommend scheduling roofing inspections at least twice a year, before and after the stormy season – and people should take their advice seriously.

Inspections are not expensive, neither in terms of money, nor in terms of time, so make sure to call a roofing company anytime it is necessary. Many roofing problems tend to remain hidden and this is why a regular, professional evaluation is so necessary to keep your roof in good shape.

If inspecting the roof reveals some problems, make sure to activate your sense of urgency and deal with those problems as soon as possible, otherwise they will result in leaks and the entire situation will end up costing you a fortune.

roofer inspecting roof for possible repairs

Not least, you must consider improving your roof`s resistance to rain, wind and hail. That means adding some reinforcements suggested by a professional roofer, cleaning gutters and the drainage system. Also, make sure to trim the trees on your property and secure loose items around your house.

You should also check your insurance policy and see if it is up to date and reflects your current needs, just in case that the storm produces some roof damage.