Damaged shingles are a roof emergency that has to be addressed immediately because they can seriously cut into the lifespan of a roof. Inspecting shingles must be a regular routine included in the maintenance process.

The best way to replace broken shingles is to contact reputable San Jose roofers. However, if you do this operation yourself, start with the necessary safety protection. Do not work at height without adequate equipment that keeps you safe.

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Shingles can be damaged in different ways; you may find that some of them have lost their granulation because of the impact with hailstones; others may be curled, cracked or missing altogether. In some situations, you may need to replace everything in the square around the damaged shingle.

Repairing a damaged shingle depends on the material it is made from, but the procedure is similar in all cases.

The broken shingle must be removed carefully, by losing the adhesive and the nails and then lifting the surrounding tabs slowly but firmly. When you do this, do your best to avoid breaking even more roofing material in the process.

Take the broken shingle with you to the store, to find the same model and color. Buy a few extra replacement shingles, just in case. You will also need cement or adhesive and nails. Once you have all these, you can install the new shingle in the very same position as the one you removed.