What do you have to do if the rain unfortunately finds its way into your living space?

water damage repair

Control the indoor damage

Move away any items that has not been watered yet. If there is furniture or other items that cannot be moved, cover them with plastic foil to protect them. Collect the dropping water into a container, but make sure to place the container is on a safe and solid surface. In most of the cases, roof leaks form puddles in the attic, so you should collect the water from the attic, until the storm goes away and you can start the repairs.

Besides these emergency solutions, there are some things that you can do to prevent roof leaks.

Keep your gutters clean and check if the roof materials are damaged

Some roof leaks are not necessarily the result of clogged gutters. They may also occur when some of the roof materials are too worn or damaged (shingles, flashing around chimneys etc.). Call trustworthy Danville roofing professionals to inspect your roof periodically and look for materials that look in bad condition, as it will be necessary to replace them quickly.

Try to prevent mold

Mold formation is another sign of moisture and water infiltration and to solve this problem you must ensure proper roof ventilation.