San Mateo roofing

The value of your home depends on many different details and aspects. If you want the full picture, then asking a real estate appraiser might be a better idea. However, even the best appraiser can’t go into detail about how a particular area of your home – such as the roof – can fully impact your home’s overall value and what changes you can make to ensure you can sell your home for more.

Local experts in roofing near San Mateo can tell you that home value is significantly raised when you have a more resilient and/or expensive roof such as one made from natural slate or concrete. However, they will also point out that price isn’t everything.

The high price of natural slate is dictated by its high demand and lower availability, which makes it a highly sought commodity that has become the most expensive roofing material in the entire industry. Certain metals, however, like steel and aluminum, can also provide excellent curb appeal, while lasting for more than 50 years with minimal maintenance. However, unlike slate, they are far less expensive because of the greater availability of metals.

Ultimately, the main things to ask San Mateo roofing specialists is which material offers the ideal balance between price, appearance, durability and popularity. That will typically be the roofing material that you should choose to maximize your home value and attract higher offers from potential buyers.