Livermore roofing damage and repair

If you live in a condo or in some other type of housing that shares the same roof or that features a gap between your roof and the neighbor’s, talking with your neighbor about any Livermore roofing damage that has affected both roofs or only yours is certainly not easy. The discussion is not easier if the damage suffered by any of the roofs has been caused by the negligence of the other owner. Fortunately, adequate communication techniques can get you far – here is how to tackle the awkward situation:

  • Document the damage you want to discuss – using evidence about the subject matter in the discussion will take away some of the tension from the discussion;
  • Be polite and keep your calm – getting worked up about the situation can only lead to an aggravated conflict, so it is essential to maintain your calm and to stay well-mannered as well;
  • Be cooperative – the damage suffered by your roof might have been caused by a tree limb that he should have cut a long time ago, but even so, forcing him to pay for repairs that he cannot afford is not the best choice. Try to work out a solution that both of you can accept – it is the best way to maintain a good long-term relationship.