The roof is a critically-important part of a building, protecting the interior against the elements, so finding a reputable roofer should be a priority for residential and commercial building owners alike.

 San Jose roofing contractors

There are many trustworthy roofers out there, but are also many not-so-ethical contractors and even scams. Hiring the wrong contractor will give you lots of headaches and make you lose money, so here are some ways to tell whether a roofing contractor can be trusted.

  • Look for  local San Jose roofing contractors that are in the business for several years. They surely have worked to build their roots in the community and checking their reputation is not so difficult.
  • Consider only contractors that are willing to show you proof of them being licensed, certified and fully insured.
  • Make sure you receive accurate roof assessments, fair estimates and cost-effective solutions. If you suspect the roofer exaggerates the extent of the repairs, as well as the costs, look for another contractor. Beware of very low bids too, as they may hide unexpected costs later.
  • Avoid roofing contractors who use high-pressure tactics to make you sign a contract quickly. Do not make any decision before you have all the information you need and you also receive a written estimate.