A good roofer can find out a lot about your roof by simply looking at it from the ground and inspecting it from up there, but even so, there are many important details that you need to inform your roofer about before starting a roof repair or roof replacement project – here are some:

San Jose roofing companyThe age of the roof – roofing systems are warranted for a specific amount of time and as they are approaching the end of their estimated lifespan, they may start to weaken unnoticeably, without showing any visible signs in the beginning. The methods used for handling issues related to old roofs are different from the methods that work on young roofs, so the age of your roof are very important details for your San Jose roofing company to consider;

  • Previous issues – your roofer will also need to know whether your roof has been extensively repaired already, whether it suffered leaks, whether the flashing on it has been replaced, so make sure you tell him about all the previous issues and repairs;
  • What you want – tell your roofer about your preferences in terms of the materials to be used, the features to be added, such as skylights or solar panels and any other requirement that you may have.