If your home is drafty, you get roof leaks all the time and the money you pay on your heating and cooling bills seems money wasted and thrown out the window, here are some upgrades that require investment of time, energy and money, but are definitely worth it:

San Jose roof repair

– Roof repairs, partial or complete replacement – some types of roof leaks can be repaired, others, especially extensive or frequently recurring ones, can be addressed only if the roofing is replaced. To know for sure which of the two categories your roof belongs to, call knowledgeable San Jose roofing contractors to inspect your roof and tell you how sever the roofing damage is and what the best way to solve the problem is;

– Window repairs or window replacement – if the windows on your building are in good shape, but there are cracks in the wall areas surrounding the windows, you can easily restore your home’s energy efficiency with some caulk, but if the windows are old and inefficient, investing into new windows might be a reasonable upgrade;

– Programmable thermostats – these great, modern devices will make sure the temperatures in your rooms are kept at optimal levels all over the home and you will not pay for heating or cooling rooms that you don’t use that much.