tile roof repair

You replace things when they break down and stop performing as they should, or when they simply do not fit anymore into a certain context. The roof is no exception, but it is not always easy to determine when it is the right time to replace it, as problems are not always so obvious. It is simple to identify an old roof, but it is much more complicated to identify a roof that has been poorly installed and needs to be replaced to avoid permanent problems.

According to quality Danville roofing replacement experts,  the most common signs indicating that it is time for a replacement project.

  • The roof is more than 20 years old

Common roof materials typically come with 15-20-year warranty, so if this period expires, you should start planning a replacement. Other materials such as metal or slate are significantly more resistant and their lifespan is +50 years.

  • The roof has a worn aspect that cannot be improved by cleaning it

When there are visible areas of disrepair, signs of wear and tear, curled and discolored roofing materials, staining, or peeling paint it means that the roof reached its limit and must be replaced promptly.

  • Shingles lose their granulation

This is another sign of wear and tear. Granules leave shingles exposed to the elements and deterioration is imminent.