Large trees are valuable assets on your property – they provide shade and they delight the eye. However, old trees with weakened limbs can pose lots of risks, including damage to your roof. If you have trees overhanging your roof or old trees that show signs of an illness, but you don’t know whether it is time for pruning yet, here are a few signs that call for immediate action:

 tree trimming roof repair

  • You see lots of tree debris accumulating on the roof – large, fallen branches can crack or break your roof covering components, while fallen twigs and dead leaves can cause water damage to your roof and your home, so if the branches above your roof don’t seem very strong, it is time to cut them off;
  • Deep cracks in the trunk – if your old tree is coming apart, you should take steps to ensure the tree is safe. However hard it is to part with your tree, if its trunk is cracked, you might have to consider cutting off;
  • You see deadwood – dead branches that no longer have green leaves need to come off as soon as you notice them to prevent accidents, injuries and damage to your roof and to your outdoor furniture.

If your roof becomes damaged due to fallen branches, Pleasanton roofing repair specialists are here to help!