The best roof for installing solar panels on is the one that captures the most sunlight. Depending on the installation conditions, there are advantages of both types of roofs: flat or sloped.

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The most important factor influencing the efficiency of solar panels is the inclination of the roof.

The optimal angle of inclination to generate the maximum solar energy is about 30 degrees. Any inclination ranging from 20 to 35 degrees will reduce power generation by one percent.

Even if your roof is flat, you can still mount a solar panel system. You just need to buy extra support to install it at an inclined angle. Although it may not be exactly the ideal solution, it helps to create a surface capable of generating the energy you need for your home. The costs of this type of support vary depending on the supplier. Installation of solar panels can be performed regardless the type of roofing materials: wood, metal, ceramic, or bituminous shingles. Look at this site for details.

Apart from the weight of the aluminum structures and the solar panels, it is also important to consider the influence of wind and snow on the solar building. A stability study should be performed by specialists. If the roof`s structure is easier and more flexible, and its area is large, it is recommended to select amorphous laminated solar cells.