There are many different roofing materials. The most common ones last 15-20 years, the good ones last 25-40 years, and the excellent and premium materials can last well over 50 years (for example, a metal shingle roof can last 50 years, a ceramic tile roof has an estimated life span of 70-80 years, and a slate roof can stand as long as the building stands, that is, even for more than one generation).

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If you have such a roof, and the resistance structure is still solid, there is no reason that a professional San Mateo roofing company should not repair it, when a problem arises.

The most common roof problems that require repairs include:

  • Water leaks – In addition to all the things you store in the attic, sometimes you might also find something else there: water stains and water damage to the roof structure and to the insulation layer, which indicates that there are leaks through the roof.
  • Broken or missing tiles/ shingles – Torn or destroyed by storms, their absence facilitates the infiltration of rain water.
  • Deformed, worn out tiles – In general, tiles get deformed due to their old age. They have passed through frost-thaw cycles many times and have also been beaten by the sun for years, so the natural aging process cannot be avoided.
  • Mold on the ceiling or cracked paint – These problems occur due to water infiltrations, but also because of moisture caused by poor ventilation of the roof.

An affordable San Mateo roofing contractor can provide you with quality roof installations and trusted roof repair solutions.