Experienced roofers in San Mateo, CA often have unique insights into lesser-known roof maintenance tips to help homeowners protect their roofs.

Thus, if you want to keep your roof in good condition over a longer period of time, remember to do the following

San Mateo roofing

Check for Bird Nests

San Mateo is home to various bird species that may build nests on or near your roof. These nests can cause blockages in gutters and drainage systems, leading to water damage. Regularly inspect for and remove any bird nests.

Moss and Algae Control

The climate in San Mateo can create favorable conditions for moss and algae growth on your roof. Consider installing zinc or copper strips at the roof ridge, which release metal particles to inhibit moss and algae growth.

Trim Nearby Trees

In areas with high winds and frequent storms, overhanging tree branches can pose a threat to your roof. Regularly trim trees that are close to your home to prevent branches from falling and damaging your roof during storms.

Sun Exposure

The sunny climate in San Mateo can lead to roof materials deteriorating faster due to UV exposure. Consider using reflective or cool roofing materials to reduce heat absorption and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Check for Wildlife Entry

In some areas of San Mateo, wildlife like raccoons and squirrels may attempt to enter your attic through the roof. Have San Mateo roofing specialists regularly inspect your roof and attic for signs of wildlife entry and block any openings.