Roofers are trained to notice any problem suffered from or caused by roofs, but providing information about your experiences and about the history of the roofing issues you encountered in the past can help your roofer get a more detailed picture of what needs to be done on your roof.


Here are a few that you should tell your Pleasanton roofing contractor about:

  • Previous roofing issues and repairs – if you have encountered condensation issues inside the house or in your attic area, if you have had leaks caused by a fault of the flashing or of the roof cover, make sure you inform your roofer;
  • The age of your roof – roofs lose a lot of their strength as they age and the process of weakening might take place unnoticeably. Tell your roofer about the age of your roof – it is a very important detail that will help you and your Pleasanton roofing pro determine the best course of action together;
  • Your preferences – tell your roofer upfront if you want any special features installed on your roof, such as solar panels, special chimneys, if you want to add new skylights or replace old ones or if you need gutter guards to be installed.