Roof maintenance is a rather complex process that must include different operations. Performed regularly, it ensures the efficiency of a roof and extends its lifespan. Maintenance is performed in order to detect small problems and soft spots and repair them quickly, before they aggravate and become very costly or even beyond repair.

Roof maintenance always starts with a comprehensive inspection that can be done in various ways, using different methods, from simple visual inspections performed by homeowners to infrared scanning performed by Fremont roofing professionals.

Fremont roofing inspection During the inspection, the roof`s membrane is not the only thing to observe. Knowing and checking the other elements of the system is just as important: insulation, vapor barrier, resistance structure, drainage etc.
Besides identifying potential problems, roof inspections also include cleaning the roof, whether we are talking about simply removing debris or washing the roof and using special solutions to get rid of vegetation and mold buildup.
Routine maintenance can be performed by skilled homeowner who also poses safety equipment necessary for working at height, but in general it is one of those things that should be left in the hands of specialists, especially if the roof system is still under warranty. This way, you do not risk making mistakes that will do more harm than good.