Palo Alto roofing


The principal activities of Palo Alto roofing companies are roof installation, repair and maintenance, but many of them also offer consultation to help homeowners pick the best material for their new roofs. There are a variety of materials that are suitable for Palo Alto roofs – here are some that make great choices for homeowners on a budget:

  • Impact resistant shingles – According to Diamond certified Palo Alto roofing specialists, asphalt shingles are available in a variety of quality levels and styles. While the most common, simplest, 3-tab varieties are generally considered unsuitable for any region that is so frequently affected by severe weather, higher end varieties, such as architectural shingles and impact resistant varieties are just great for the area. These material options are very affordable too.
  • Metal roofs – metal roofing systems also make excellent choices for the Palo Alto area. The material is strong, durable, resistant to the elements, impervious to pests and fires, easy to install and to maintain and also suitable for shoestring budgets.
  • Clay tiles – the classic option is excellent for buildings that are able to withhold the heavy weight of the material. The option is somewhat more expensive than the previous two solutions, but still on the affordable side.