Good insulation levels can save you a lot of money. They won’t just prevent your home from being affected by bad weather and extreme cold, but they’ll also help with wild temperature fluctuations that are prevalent in some areas.

Attic insulation is probably the most important, which is why Fremont roofing insulation specialists believe you should always have enough of it. The attic is most exposed to wind and weather changes, and because it’s out in the open, a   damaged roof can cause even more problems if you don’t have proper attic insulation.

attic insulation

With an attic insulation level of above R40, your home will have excellent protection against the elements. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden drop in temperature levels before the winter comes, or you have to cope with strong sunlight and UV radiation without a cool roof, a well-insulated  attic can prevent you from having to use too much energy with your HVAC in order to warm up or cool down your house.

More layers of attic insulation will typically be needed if you live somewhere in the North. States like Washington and Michigan have some of the highest ratings for attic insulation, and you won’t get very far here without at least an R60 attic. On the other hand, if you live in the south, where hot temperatures are more of a problem, a thinner layer of insulation combined with a cool roof is probably a much better strategy to consider.