Considering the Mediterranean climate in the Bay`s Area, with wet winters and dry warm summers, as well as more than 260 sunny days per year, it is not uncommon that roofs here have lighter colors.

 roofing color choices

The climate represents the first factor that influences not only the roofing materials, but also their colors. Lighter colors are reflective, so they perform very well in sunny and hot areas, by keeping sun heat away instead of absorbing it, as dark colored roofs do. This reflective property is important for the energy efficiency of a building, by reducing the heat transferred to the interior, as well as for the lifespan of the roof, considering that the sun has a powerful destructive influence on the shingles, in the long run.

The color of the roof also depends on other factors such as the building`s architectural style, the color of other exterior elements (façade, siding etc.) and the rules set in your neighborhood.

There are many cool East Bay Pleasanton roofing color choices from light and medium brown, sand, amber, terracotta, to shades of gray and even white. Cool roof colors are particularly beneficial in the cities, where the temperature is higher than in the suburbs; they help reduce the impact of the heat island effect.