A roof replacement is an investment for at least a couple of decades that brings you protection, comfort, energy-efficiency and increased home value. It is also a complex process that must be entrusted to specialists.

However, when it comes to preparing your home for a roof replacement, this is entirely up to you and you should consider doing it before the Danville roofing pros start their work on your property. They will not work inside your home, but the installation of a new roof is a disrupting process and you should trust us when we tell you that there is no way to live your life like it doesn’t happen.

Danville roofing

The first aspect you need to consider is that things will likely get messy, especially in the attic, so you should clear this area from all the stuff that you store here; they are vulnerable during the roof replacement, not to mention that it will be very hard to clean everything once the process is finished. Make sure to also protect the attic`s floor with foils.

Your windows may also be exposed to damage during the roof replacement, due to falling material. You should temporarily protect them with wooden boards.

Protect fragile items and wall decorations too! They may fall or be hurt by vibrations from hammering.