Water infiltration through the roof can occur for several reasons, and the first step in repairing the roof is to locate the leak. This is not easy at all, because often the water travel away from the infiltration source before it becomes visible on the walls or ceiling.

It is necessary to inspect this issue thoroughly, because you need to make a quick decision that may be repairing the roof or, worse, replacing it.

Palo Alto roofing repair

To prevent a leak from getting worse, you must be very prompt in finding the problem with your roof that allowed it and address it properly. If the roof structure is not damaged, the repair is not so expensive and can be performed quickly. If you do not know how to apply patching materials and replace damaged tiles or shingles, or if you simply want to avoid climbing the roof, it is advisable to use the services of a Palo Alto roofing professional.

Generally, water infiltration through the roof is caused by the following:

  • Inappropriate choice of coating materials: many times construction projects are compromised from the beginning, because the solutions adopted are not compatible with the architecture of the house
  • The age of the roof and, implicitly, its level of degradation
  • Incorrect fitting of sealing accessories
  • Non-adaptation of the coating materials to meteorological conditions: if a house is to be built in a mountainous area with massive snow, it is important to choose materials resistant to such a climate.