The best way to find local Danville roofing contractors is through word of mouth and via a quick internet search, but after you have found at least four or five, potentially suitable roofers who you can ask to provide written cost estimates for your project, the personal meeting is essential.

licensed Danville roofing

Here are a few things to ask potential contractors:

  • Qualifications, certificates, licenses and bonds – a reliable roofer is willing to show you all the documents that prove their knowledge and experience, so make sure to ask for and to check all these documents;
  • References – good roofers are proud of their work, so they probably have a portfolio to show you;
  • A project roadmap – ask the roofer to tell you exactly how they will handle the different phases of your project and also find out about the size and the composition of the roofing team that will work on your project;
  • Material options – Danville roofing materials come in various quality levels and you also have lots of options in terms of colors and textures. Talk to your roofer about these aspects, too – most good roofers have an excellent sense of style and they can recommend you great solutions that will enhance your property’s curb appeal.