Gutters with leaf guards are great, modern solutions against gutter clogging. The guards fixed on the top of the gutters prevent leaves and other debris from falling into the gutter pipes, functioning like sieves that let only water through. If you are currently considering getting gutters with leaf guards, but you don’t know whether the investment is worth it for you, here is some food for thought:

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  • If you have large trees in your yard, with branches reaching over the roof, you surely know how tiring it can be to scoop the leaves out of the gutter pipes. Gutter guards don’t eliminate gutter cleaning altogether, but they make the job much easier and they also prolong the intervals that your gutters can go without cleaning;
  • Gutter guards are useful not only against leaves, but against other type of debris as well, so if you live in a windy area, the guards will serve you well;
  • The leaf guards installed by hard working San Jose roofing contractors on gutters make rain water harvesting more efficient – the water flowing through the gutter will be cleaner because more contaminants are filtered out and the water flow will be improved as well;
  • If you live in an area where ice building is a problem, you can buy heated gutter guards that will prevent the accumulation of ice dams and snow in the gutters.