red roof detail

Metal roofing systems are among the finest products of modern engineering and technology and they are also attractive, resilient and affordable – here are the best features that account for the growing popularity of these superior San Mateo roofing solutions:

  • Variety – metal roofing panels are available in a variety of colors and shapes to match the appearance of your home and to improve curb appeal. If you don’t find the perfect hue upfront, custom colors are also available.
  • Varied technical solutions – residential panels are the most common types of metal roofing components, but other types, such as secure-seam or mech-seam panels are also available if you need a solution that is resistant to expansion-related issues.
  • Extended warranty – metal roofing panels come with a warranty that exceeds 50 years and are also known to be able to resist decades beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Weight – metal panels are lightweight and therefore suitable for any construction, even for sheds that have thin walls.
  • Pricing – metal roofs are among the most affordable solutions.
  • Resistance and insulation – the metal alloys that these roofing systems use are resistant to corrosion, rust, termites, extreme weather, harsh sunshine, rain, snow and strong sunshine as well and they also minimize the heat exchange between the building and the exterior.