The roof is an essential part of a building that stands against elements, maintains its structural integrity and protects everything in the building. Water leaks represent one of the most common problems related to a roof and must be addressed immediately by trained San Mateo roofing consultants. Because it has a great deterioration potential, even  after the repairs have been made, it is always good to schedule an annual roofing inspection.

Water leaks appear most often around roof penetrations (vents, pipes, chimneys). There is flashing installed around these components, but it is not infallible to wear and tear, and, at some point, it may become weak, causing water infiltrations that may reach the attic and even the living space inside the building.

Water leaks may also be connected to various shingle problems. When shingles are damaged or missing due to winds, heavy rains, or simply because the roof is too old, water can easily enter through the roof’s internal structure.    damage caused by leaky roof

Sometimes, leaks are not so heavy to reach the ceiling, but you can still locate them by paying attention to the following signs: mold and mildew formation, black spots, water stains and rotten wood frames in the attic, wet or discolored insulating material, peeling paint or rust along pipes, or shingle granules spotted inside your gutters.