San Ramon roofer prepares roof replacement estimate

Some roofs can reach the end of their lifetime without having suffered any major damage, but most roofs will sooner or later develop issues that indicate the need for replacement. Here are some of these signs that it is time to get a roof replacement estimate from a San Ramon roofer:

  • Sagging – the phenomenon indicates that the roof is structurally weakened. While in some cases, minor sagging can be corrected lifting the roof with special devices and replacing the damaged beams, in most cases, the roofs affected by sagging need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the collapse of the entire structure;
  • Recurring leaks – if you get one leak fixed and the other appears with the next rain, you should start saving for a new roof because recurring leaks are a sign that your roofing cover is extensively compromised;
  • Material-specific issues – each type of roofing material has its own specific problems, each material uses different signs to tell the building owner that roof replacement is needed. The most common such sign in the case of roofing shingles is the exposure of the shingle mat because the protective surface granules have disappeared, while the most common sign that indicates the need for a new metal roof is extensive rusting and denting.