Danville roofing fall maintenance tips

Autumn is a great time to take care of general home maintenance and make sure that your house is ship-shape in time for the coming cold months. The part of the home that needs much attention would be the roof. Autumn and Winter will bring with them a lot of challenges for your home and with that said, here are a few roofing maintenance to-dos for Autumn.

General Cleaning – Winds and bad weather will gather much debris on your roof. The best thing to start with would be a general sweep of the entire roof. Removing any debris will make it easier to spot any damage that the roof may have suffered over time. Pay close attention to the gutters as well, as they are prone to get clogged if no cleaning has been done for some time.

Trim Your Neighbors – Those were the trees near your house, of course. Leave your real neighbors alone. Jokes aside, any trees close to the house should be attended to by trimming the branches close to your roof and windows. During a severe storm, they could pose a threat to your roof, as well as the wall’s siding and do additional damage on their way to the ground.

Inspecting the Attic – Any unseen damage on your roof may show up inside the attic. With a flashlight, have a look along with the ceiling and most importantly, check the support beams and insulation for a sign of moisture and rot. The presence of moisture will surely be the cause of damage to the roof.

Repair What Needs Repairing – Lastly, any present damage should be attended to and repaired immediately by Danville roofing experts so that no area remains vulnerable during bad, or in some cases extreme weather. Any damaged or peeled off shingles should be replaced and any mold present on the shingles should be cleaned.