So you want to replace your old roof on your home or building, and you’re looking for something a little more unique. While there are lots of fun and interesting designs you can get by opting for slate, wood or metal roofing systems, the most environmentally friendly and aesthetic option is considered a beautiful roof garden.

 rooftop garden

Green roofs and roof gardens are more and more popular as time goes by. Environmental initiatives are taking over, and more and more people are interested in them, not only to benefit the environment, but to improve their own health as well.

Roof gardens can be extremely beneficial for you and for the local flora and fauna. The plants and flowers can provide a habitat for beneficial insects and produce life-giving oxygen that you and your family can really use. Moreover, the plants’ leaves will capture much of the sun’s UV radiation and use it as energy, instead of allowing it to bombard your home and heat it up. As a result, your AC system will no longer need to work as hard.

A roof garden can definitely be worth it, whether you’re considering it as a permanent solution or not. In most cases, you’ll find that the investment is more than worthwhile. Contact roof garden Fremont roofing professionals for more information.