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Roofs are featured in many ways in popular culture – here are some:

  • Roofs in action movies – many films feature at least one scene with someone trying to escape running on rooftops or some major event in the plot takes place up there. Just think about James Bond and how many times he saved his life escaping through rooftops or remember the thrill of watching James Stewart chase the criminal in Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Rooftops have served as scenery in many romantic movies as well, such as the 1961 adaptation of West Side Story, with the unforgettable America dance sequence;
  • The last performance of The Beatles – one of the most iconic performances of pop culture took place on the top of the headquarters of the record label Apple in 1969. The concert ended in a spectacular way, the plugs being pulled by the police;
  • The Sumo Monster Truck Challenge – Hulk Hogan’s Monster Truck Challenge in 1995 was also a great, highly popularized and mediatized event that took place on a rooftop. Hogan’s truck proved to be the more powerful of the two vehicles involved and the contest illustrated not only how strong trucks can be, but also proved that rooftops can be made to resist almost anything.

Seek out knowledgeable Palo Alto roofing professionals to ensure your roof is in tip top shape for any pop culture opportunity!