Trying to repair your roof soon after a leak occurs, without taking into account the weather outside, can put you in danger. Repairing a roof while it is raining or while it is being covered with ice and snow is not the right way to do it. If you want to do this correctly, there is no quick fix in this case. Be patient until bad weather passes. This is the first step when you attempt to fix a leaking roof safely.

roof maintenanace safety

Take precautions!

Being on a roof will put your body in uncomfortable and unsafe positions. Make sure you wear adequate footwear to prevent slipping. Also use a ham and always ask for some help from a friend.

Wet the roof with a hose

An easy and quick way to find a leak is to use a garden hose and start spraying in different areas of the roof, while somebody else is in the attic, spotting the place where the water gets in.

Keep the gutters clean

Gutters represent one of the common areas responsible for roof leaks, so inspect them periodically and make sure that they allow water to flow down unobstructed.

Prevent ice dam formation

In winter, the ice may appear on the roof, preventing melted snow from flowing down. Ponding water is dangerous and may cause water infiltration. Appropriate ventilation, as well as ice shields and a drip edge will help preventing this problem.

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