Fremont roofing

The most common situations that require access to the roof include repairs and maintenance of chimneys, roof repair works, subsequent installation of a solar or photovoltaic system, subsequent installation of additional accessories, some maintenance operations etc.

In general, roofing work should only be done by Fremont roofing repair specialists, who have the experience, protective equipment and adequate training in occupational safety and security. Special accessories are also needed when the roof is tilted more than 20 degrees, as well as for reaching some inaccessible components.

Risk assessment is required for all roofing work. Simple works can be relatively easy to evaluate. However, more complex works will need to be assessed in detail, as they involve higher risks.

Every roofing project must have safe working procedures, which are mandatory for all works. All workers need to know them in detail. It is also recommended that the works be supervised, to check that the safety procedures are respected.

Experts also recommend extra caution in the case of fragile roofs, where even the most careful safety measures may fail, in which case a plan B may be needed, including measures to reduce the consequences of falls and other accidents that may happen on a site.