Roof decorations are integral parts of the holiday season, but you need to observe a series of safety regulations to ensure the safety of the installation process as well as the proper functioning of the decoration. Here are some:

  • Illumination – if your holiday decoration includes lights as well, make sure to use to use only lights suitable for being installed outdoors and also check whether they work properly while on the ground;
  • Make sure your ladder or your scaffolding are safe – test the structures that you climb on to ensure your safety while high up;
  • Wear proper safety gear – work gloves, work boots and a helmet are essential for climbing up to the roof safely;

Fremont roofing inspection

  • Clear the roof and the gutters before installing anything – the debris that accumulates on your roof can catch fire easily, so make sure to remove all the dirt, debris, leaves and twigs that cover the surface of the roof; If needed schedule a Fremont roofing inspection and cleaning in the fall prior to holiday decorating.
  • Use the proper design – create a decoration design that is not only attractive, but safe as well. Pay attention to safety not only when it comes to the lights, but when you choose the other décor components as well and try to make the decoration as lightweight as possible.