San Ramon roofer

If you have hired a San Ramon roofing contractor to come and repair your roof, you must be aware that you as the owner of the building also have some homework to do before the repair process starts. Here is how to prepare for the roof repair before your roofing team comes to perform the job that they were hired for:

  • Preparing the interior of your home – most roof repairs are associated with the creation of large amounts of dust and many repairs are performed using tools that vibrate at high rotations and transmit those vibrations to the building interior through the walls. To prevent any damage to your belongings caused by these vibrations, a favored San Ramon roofer suggests that it is a good idea to remove all the artwork from the walls and to move any furniture that is currently placed close to those walls to the middle of the room.
  • Preparing the landscape – the dust might also affect the exterior of your home, such as your plans and other components in your landscape. To prevent that from happening, it is a good idea to move whatever can be moved from the landscape into the house and to cover your shrubs and bushes with foil before the repair work starts.