San Jose roofers

Trimming the large trees in your yard or garden is essential for maintaining the health of your tree and if your tree overhangs your roof, the trimming process is essential for the health of your roof as well. Large tree limbs overhanging the roof pose various risks, from covering the roof in dried leaves and twigs, to large limbs falling onto the roof, damaging the roofing cover. As you see, tree trimming is a very important home maintenance task, but while at it, you also need to pay attention to your own safety – According to experienced San Jose roofers, here is how to do it all without risking an injury:

  • Wait until the weather is calm and dry – you should never attempt tree trimming on a rainy day or during storms or thunderstorms;
  • Wear suitable protective garments – never trim trees without wearing non-slip work boots, gloves and head protection;
  • Use the saw safely – whether you choose a manual saw or a chainsaw, make sure to use it safely and also check the tool or the machine before you use it, to make sure it is in proper working condition;
  • Plant your feet well – don’t start any cutting and trimming until you are sure that your position is stable.