Los Gatos Roofing

San Jose has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Roof maintenance in the area is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop when the cold season settles in, so here is what San Jose roofing companies, visit https://www.losgatosroofing.com/, recommend in terms of roof maintenance:

  • Inspections after each storm or extreme weather event – theoretically, roof inspections are necessary twice a year, once before the hot season settles in and once again, before the cold season. However, it is a good idea to implement additional roof inspection sessions, just to make sure that the storm has not caused any damage on the roof that needs refer.
  • Quick action if any fault is detected – if the inspections reveal any problem that needs repair, the repair session needs to be scheduled for as soon as possible, before the problem detected through the inspection aggravates.
  • Maintenance must involve the gutter pipes as well – the health of the roof on your building depends largely on the health of the gutter pipes. This means that whenever you inspect and clean the roof, it is a good idea to clean and inspect the gutters as well. Any crack or other type of issue needs to be repaired soon, too.