San Jose roofers

Attic insulation is extremely important in the long run, if you hope to ensure that your home will be protected from wide temperature changes. In California, you won’t often have to worry about extreme cold, however, temperature fluctuations can still lead you to have to use your AC too often, and that can lead to expensive repairs and low energy efficiency down the line.

Of course, the main thing you have to do is get informed. What type of insulation do you need and how much of it should you add? Does your home already have existing insulation that you can keep? Would it be better to tear it down and install new insulation sheets instead? What is the ideal R-value for San Jose?

Roofing and insulation San Jose experts can answer some of these questions right away. For instance, they might tell you that older insulation can be kept as long as it’s not torn up and the material is adequate. Leading San Jose roofers can advise you on whether your home might need anything stronger than R-19, which is the standard R-value for San Jose (although some would recommend up to R30).

As you learn about these issues and ask your contractor more questions, you will form an accurate picture in your mind of just how much insulation you need and why. Then you can make a more informed choice, avoid spending too much on insulation, and still ensure that your home is properly insulated for the long haul.