The skin is known to be harmed by UV radiation, but few people know that they can also harm roofs. The elements that make up the roofing material can be altered in depth, because a roof’s full surface is constantly exposed to the sun.

The Effects of UV Rays

Although new shingles are strong and beautiful, this will no longer be the case after long sun exposure. The UV radiation changes the chemical composition deep within the shingle. Typically, shingles have a coating to act as protection, however when exposed to air, the hydrocarbons in this coating degrade. This degeneration is sped up by the sun’s heat. Over time, the result is peeling and cracking. Long-term harm may not always be apparent, but exists – make no mistake about it! As cracking expands, water and moisture will only make the situation worse. Because heat causes more expansion, it is just as harmful as UV radiation.

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So, what are your options? Your roof can be protected from severe damage by routine inspections. At the very least once every year, have a professional San Jose roofing company inspect your roof. Keep in mind that wind and rain can loosen shingles, leaving the roof even more vulnerable to the sun. Applying a reflective coating to deflect the sun’s heat and light might help maintain your shingles if they are in good condition. Installing a metal roof is another option because it won’t alter at the molecular level and can handle expansion and contraction better than other roof types.