You have surely heard the term “energy efficiency” by now. It refers, in general, to different means by which we can obtain the same benefit (light, heating, etc.) using less energy. Because saving energy also means saving money, energy efficiency is very profitable and has multiple beneficial effects.

San Jose roofing company

When it comes to your own home, the roof is one of the elements that contribute to  the overall energy-efficiency (or lack of it!), so it is a good idea to consider some tips from a trusted San Jose roofing company that will help you reduce energy consumption in the future, but benefit from the same thermal comfort you are used to.

Choose a lighter color for your new roof, or opt for a white liquid coated that can be add on existing roofs, to make them reflective. A light colored roof will prevent heat absorption and transfer to the interior of the building.

Insulate your attic or improve the existing insulation. Adequate insulation is one of the most important things you can do, if you want to prevent unwanted air transfer between the interior and the exterior of the house. It will ensure a constant temperature, regardless the season, which will translate into lower energy consumption for cooling and / or heating the house.

Improve the ventilation. Ventilation will prevent heat buildup into the attic and all the problems that arise from it.