San Jose roofers

If you are currently looking for San Jose roofing tips to help you get a cool roof before the temperatures outside start hiking, here are some of the things that local roofing specialists recommend:

  • Don’t neglect the color of the roof – as a general rule, light shades are known to be reflecting heat, while darker colors absorb the heat coming from the sun’s rays. This also means that having a roof made from a material in a lighter color will do a better job at reflecting heat. If your roof is dark in color, but made from a material that can be painted, you have the option of painting the roof to give it a light color.
  • Add insulation under the roof – roof insulation is another great way to reduce the amount of heat that penetrates your building. If your roof is currently uninsulated, consult with principled San Jose roofers to find out the best insulation type to use. If you have some insulation, but you consider it insufficient, your roofer will be able to provide advice regarding the additional insulation to install.
  • Consider reroofing – if the roof on your building is approaching the end of its lifespan, you might want to consider replacing it with a material that has great reflective qualities.