San Mateo roofing

Buying a new home is an extraordinary, exciting project, especially for first time buyers who can hardly wait to move into their new property. Most new home buyers can hardly wait to reach in the phase of closing the transaction and to enter into the possession of the property, but that doesn’t mean that they should skip certain important phases of the home buying process. One of the important steps involved relates to the roof on the building that the buyer is bidding on – here is what San Mateo roofing specialists recommend:

  • Check the roof yourself – even if you are not a roofing specialist, going up to the attic and checking the roof with your own eyes as an important step;
  • Ask the seller whether they can provide a roofing specially board – a reliable and responsible seller is prepared for answering questions related to the roof on their property and they can also prove their reliability by being able to produce a roof inspection report. If the seller can provide such a document, take the time to read it and to understand it – you might find several important points that you can use for your advantage during the negotiations;
  • Hire a roofer to perform a roofing inspection – if the seller has not ordered an inspection report, you can do that and you should do that, working with your an expert you trust.