Although metal appears to be unbreakable and metal roofs are very durable and difficult to destroy, they are nevertheless susceptible to damage, just as other roofing might.

Metal roof damage is frequently caused by:

  • Inadequate caulking, sealants, and flashing
  • Poor installation
  • Weather and age

Tips for fixing a damaged metal roof

You can easily enjoy protection from a metal roof for at least 50 years. But how can you make sure that your metal roof will actually last that long? – According to a great San Ramon roofer you can trust, make sure that any damage is repaired promptly and correctly!

San Ramon roofer

To repair a damaged metal roof:

  • Clean the hole from dirt and other residues, the use a brush to scuff the surface
  • Use a matching sheet of metal to fill the hole ( it must be 2 inches wider than the hole) and use a file to round the corners
  • Use urethane sealant (choose it in the color of the roof!) and press the patch on, until the sealant squeezes out from under, to create a moisture barrier.
  • Attach the patch completely using special screws, every 3 to 4 inches (make sure they do not go into the decking!)
  • Finally, to make the patch match the roof, you might want to paint it.