tree crashes into home due to storm

A roof does not last forever. There are several warning signs telling you that the time for a new roof has come, so when they start to appear and bother you often, it is time to call a San Mateo roofing professional contractor.

  1. Discoloration and stains in the attic, on the ceilings and walls are caused by water leaks and mold formation. In normal conditions, they may only indicate poor ventilation, but when they persist even after repairs, it is a sign that your roof is old and the waterproof barrier is not functional anymore.
  2. Stains and vegetation on the shingles – Look for signs of algae and moss formation on the exterior surface of the roof. Although they can be cleaned, they are also a sign of an old roof that retains moisture
  3. Damaged tiles or other roofing materials
  4. Cracking paint on the outside or inside the house; this is often caused by excessive heat in the attic, due to improper ventilation
  5. High energy bills – When you notice that you pay too much for the same or lower thermal comfort, you should investigate the reasons. An old roof and poor ventilation in the attic make the home heating and cooling systems to work longer to reach the same efficiency level.