The gutters are components of the building envelope that are essential for the safety and the efficiency of the entire building. Gutters are also components that take lots of beating from the weather, so whatever the material of your gutter pipes, you will probably need to replace them sooner than the roof. Palo Alto roofing and gutter pros can inspect your roof and gutter and let you know if repairs are necessary.

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Here are some important signs that indicate the need to get your gutter pipes replaced:

  • Cracked pipes – any crack, even thin ones, will let water through, rendering the gutter completely useless. If you notice a crack while inspecting the gutters standing on the ground or if you see rainwater pouring through a crack in one of your pipes, be prepared to replace the section as soon as you can;
  • You have an old, seamed gutter system that is leaking – seams are the most vulnerable parts of any gutter system. While damaged seams can be repaired to a certain extent, if you repair your gutters and the leak comes back with the next rain, it is a sign that you need new, possibly seamless gutters;
  • Signs of water damage underneath the gutters – if you notice signs of mildew or rot on the drywall or on the siding and the water that has caused it can only come from the gutters, it means that your gutters are no longer able to direct rainwater away from the building and they need to be replaced.